My Haven’t You Grown

17/05/2012 § 4 Comments

A little catch up with the ever growing lambs today.

The not so little lambs are now are growing up quickly and bouncing around in the field all the time, either chasing each other or at times the rabbits, that resided in the field before they were born. As usual click the images to enlarge them.

Though you do get the odd one, that loves a little afternoon nap in the sun.

I hope you enjoy the images, feel free to leave comments, till next time.




Spring Has Sprung Even More So…

15/04/2012 § Leave a comment

Following on from my previous post about the little lambs.

Even after a week being born, the lambs are growing up fast and even more have been born now, with a total of 11 in the field. All running around, roaming the field and getting bigger by the day, here are just a few photos for you all.

I hope you enjoy them, feel free to leave comments, till next time.



Spring Has Sprung

09/04/2012 § Leave a comment

A quick post from me today for an Easter treat.

Well I had a lovely Easter, especially with finding that the field opposite me is now filled with a flock of sheep. Over the weekend though that flock grew even more with two lambs being born. It was such a surprise to wake up to and what a treat to get over the Easter weekend! Here are just of a few photos of the fluffy little bundles with their mother.

I hope you enjoy the photos, feel free to comment – till next time.



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