Manchester Day 2012 – The Finale

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Animals a plenty, along with a few fire breathers and a jumbo jet.

Well this is the last Manchester Day Parade photo post from me now. The parade ended in colourful style, with many different animals making an appearance, from an elephant and a peacock to a pheonix and a dragon. There was even a little fire to add into the mix and the never-forgotten Concorde, which rounded the day off and brought home the parade’s theme, which was: ‘The Sky’s The Limit.’

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Olympic Torch Relay 2012 – Manchester

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With the Olympics just over a month away, it’s time for a Torch Relay.

By the time the torch relay arrives at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, London on July 27th, it will have gone all around the UK & Ireland, carried by selected members of the general public as well as celebrities and Olympians.

On Saturday 23rd June, the Torch arrived in Manchester and the crowds came out to witness this historical day. Lining the streets and watching the festivities pass by, onlookers got to see Gold-medal-winning cyclist Sir Chris Hoy carry the torch down Deansgate in the city centre as part of the relay.

The party began with dancers and performers working the crowd up, getting us all ready for the torch to light up the streets of Manchester – and it sure did, with the day ending with an evening celebration at Albert Square. As usual click the images to enlarge them.

The procession arrives, and Manchester awaits the arrival of the Torch.

Sir Chris Hoy, passing the Olympic Torch on the next torch-bearer.

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Manchester Day 2012 – The Floats and The History

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Manchester has a huge history and the parade celebrated it.

For the 100th birthday of Alan Turing, there was a float celebrating his life and his most famous creation, the Baby Computer. There were also floats to celebrate cancer hospital The Christie and FC United, a football team set up by Manchester United fans angry at the Glazer buyout of the club in 2003.

One of the biggest recent events in Manchester was the Commonwealth Games (held in 2002) and volunteers from the ocassion celebrated its anniversary by walking in the parade. As usual click the images to enlarge them.

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Manchester Day 2012 – Bring On The Puppets

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A parade is really not a parade without a few puppets.

There was an old lady sweeping the street, little girls dancing around and even a few baby superheros as well, and they all certainly got the streets buzzing, along with the other floats and performers during the day.

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There are even more puppets, floats and performers to come soon, so till next time.



Manchester Day 2012 – Let’s Get This Party Started

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Carrying on from my previous post, the party really begins now.

The parade started on Liverpool Road and travelled down Deansgate. From there, it went onto St Mary’s Gate then to Cross Street and Albert Square. Finally, it descended on Manchester Town Hall, making its way to Peter Street and then carried on back to Deansgate.

The route created a huge loop of the city centre, meaning the maximum amount of people possible could catch the parade and enjoy the party feel that surrounded the day.

All my photos were taken on Deansgate, just a little bit away from the official starting point of the parade. The photos will be published in a series of posts across the next week or so, as there are quite a few to show.

So lets start, it all began with a huge bang and puff of smoke to signal the start of the parade. These photos show that along with the dancers and performers that kicked the parade off and helped give a carnival feel to the streets of Manchester.

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Manchester Day 2012 – The Calm Before The Parade

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It’s time for sun, music and the carnival at Manchester Day 2012.

For the last three years Manchester City Centre has turned into a carnival one day every June, with the Manchester Day Parade celebrating Manchester, its history and all. This year the theme was ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ and it certainly delivered, it was bigger, bolder and livelier than ever before.

These photos are from the waiting/holding area for all the floats and performers for the parade on Liverpool Road. The public were able to walk down the street in the hours before the parade officially started, and were also able to get up close to the floats even before the party really began, which was great.

Enjoy the photos and get in that party mood, you know you want to. Click the image to enlarge them.

Feel free to leave comments, next time there will be photos from the actual parade route, see you then.



It’s Time For a Party

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We Brits love a long weekend, even more so if it involves a party.

And this weekend we get it in style with the Diamond Jubilee events, from the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, to the Diamond Jubilee Concert and the many street parties and picnics around the UK and the world. Everywhere really is a sea of red, white and blue bunting flying all over the air.

So with that in mind here are some bunting photos, shot with Instagram at Selfridges in Manchester, they have a little bit of a retro and brit pop look to them which I love. The bunting looks great in the store and they really are different from the normal bunting that is hung up, it certainly catches the eye and makes for an amazing sight too.

Enjoy the weekend, I hope you enjoy the photos, more Instagram shots are available on my profile @stevenrbullock, I will be posting some more Instagram shots on my blog in the future possibly.

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