Wales – Part 7

25/05/2012 § 6 Comments

I have had a little change of heart.

This will now be my penultimate Wales post and it focuses on the main part of Caernarfon, which is Caernarfon Castle. I was lucky enough to be at the castle one night just as the sun was setting, creating a warm glow onto the old stone of the castle. It was such a treat seeing how the photos turned out.

As usual click the images to enlarge them.

My next Wales post will once again focus on Caernarfon Castle, but it will be one sole image, it is an image that has taken me sometime to finish. But I am rather proud of it, and I feel the image deserves a post all of its own.

I hope you enjoy them, feel free to leave some comments. Till next time.




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§ 6 Responses to Wales – Part 7

  • Wales intrigues this New Englander across the pond … the long shot is what i imagine Wales to be.

    • Thanks Chuck, ya Wales is just plain gorgeous, every turn is a photo op and it just seems to have its own weather system compared to the rest of England. One more photo to come and then all done with my Wales photos sadly.

  • antiquityandadventures says:

    perfect …stunning photo’s 🙂

    • Thanks, you should have seen my rection when I saw the photo come up on the camera screen, I was very happy. Though this last one I have still to post, I am just super proud off, it has taken alot of blood sweat and tears, but I cannot wait to show it off.

      • antiquityandadventures says:

        I can’t wait to see it 🙂 . The one’s you have posted are very close if not perfect.. excellent.. I,m quite jealous 🙂

      • Thanks, ya ever the perfectionist with my photos, so I always wanna get them as perfect as possible.

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