Wales – Part 6

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Now back to Wales, with my penultimate post from my holiday.

These photographs were taken around Caernarfon, mainly Foryd Bay, just as the sun was setting. The area was just stunning and found mostly by accident – I discovered it one morning after deciding to take a detour.

From then on, every morning always started with a drive along the road that swept right around the bay and coast. Feeling the sun really did wake me up in the mornings, along with that fresh sea air. It was a true treat to find, and it made the drive even better and the photos a real pleasure to take.

As usual click the images to enlarge them.

I hope you enjoy them, feel free to leave some comments. One more post to come and then that is all my Wales photos done.




Stop The Presses

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Following on from my feature on Business Boom Bolton today.

Just a reminder that you can see all my recent and past press clippings on the Press section of my blog. Here is just a selection of my recent press clippings, more are located within the Press section of my blog.

More photos from Wales to come later this week, till next time.



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Check out this great feature on myself from the guys over at Business Boom Bolton.

Business Boom Bolton

We kick off this week’s spread of creativity with freelance architectural and landscape photographer Steven Bullock. Having graduated from the University of Bolton, Steven is now well and truly en route to fulfilling his passion on a full-time basis, with constant impressive updates to his already extensive portfolio. Here’s more from Steven himself:

“I got into photography from originally doing my college course which included a module in the subject; from there my love of photography just evolved and I looked at courses at various universities. The Bolton offering took my fancy with a good course and tutors that are very willing to help and guide us with things.

My influences in photography have been from Gregory Crewdson to Manchester-based photographer Andrew Paul Brooks as well as Slinkachu with some of my still life photography.

My work involves still life, landscape and architectural photography from around Manchester, Cheshire and any…

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Who’s Up For A Game?

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I love a bit of quirky artwork, and this sure is one of them.

During the refurbishment at Manchester Town Hall and Central Library both these grand buildings have been covered up in scaffolding and netting to hide the ongoing work, which makes the buildings look rather unsightly. To help solve this, recently some artwork has been erected on one side of the building. It is made out of road barriers, traffic cones and other construction equipment and made to look like the classic arcade game Space Invaders.

The creation is by street artist Filthy Lurker as part of the ‘Make with a Red Stripe’ art project. It really does grab the attention of the passerbys, and even better it is fully interactive so you can actually play a game of Space Invaders on the big scale.

Now then let’s get a game going shall we? Click the images to enlarge them.

If you are in Manchester get yourself down to Albert Square and play a game, it really is worth it. The artwork is only planned to be there till the end of April.

I hope you enjoy the photo, feel free to leave comments, till next time



Spring Has Sprung Even More So…

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Following on from my previous post about the little lambs.

Even after a week being born, the lambs are growing up fast and even more have been born now, with a total of 11 in the field. All running around, roaming the field and getting bigger by the day, here are just a few photos for you all.

I hope you enjoy them, feel free to leave comments, till next time.



The Last Turn of a Wheel.

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A quick little post from me today.

Manchester has had many different attractions in its time. But one of the most prominent is the Manchester Wheel, it has been with us in many different incarnations for almost 10 years now, first arriving in 2004 and it has always been in the same location at Exchange Sqaure, right in the heart of the shopping district of the City Centre. Though come this weekend on Sunday 15th April at 6pm the wheel will turn for the last time and close in preparation for Exchange Square to be used for Olympic events this Summer in Manchester.

With that in mind I decided to test out my new wide angle lens, with getting a photo of the Wheel before it leaves Manchester, and here it is, click to enlarge the image.

After this weekend if you want a view from high up above Manchester, you will either have to work in the office blocks in Manchester or be lucky enough to go to the 23rd Floor Bar at the Hilton. 

I hope you enjoy the photo, feel free to leave any comments – till next time.



Spring Has Sprung

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A quick post from me today for an Easter treat.

Well I had a lovely Easter, especially with finding that the field opposite me is now filled with a flock of sheep. Over the weekend though that flock grew even more with two lambs being born. It was such a surprise to wake up to and what a treat to get over the Easter weekend! Here are just of a few photos of the fluffy little bundles with their mother.

I hope you enjoy the photos, feel free to comment – till next time.



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