Let The Sun Shine 3

27/05/2013 § Leave a comment

A continuation of the sunset photos for now.

From a cloudy sky, to no clouds at all and even a rainfall, the sun still shows its face and shines on, creating some amazing sunset to end the day on. Here is hoping for more amazing sunsets soon, and more of this sun, for a good Summer for us Brits please.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

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Well it’s been a while sorry for that, it will all be explained.

First of all Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas & New Year. So first things first sorry for the long delay in posts, the last six months of 2012 were rather busy for me, which sadly gave me little time for blog posting. It was all good though as at the end of the year I got a full-time job, which was a great way to end the year with and start the new year off with.

So onto the photos, well the weather has finally turned wintry here now in the UK with the frost over the grounds which makes for such lovely setting, especially in the countryside where I live. So with that in mind here are some photos that I took of the frosty countryside. Hopefully my next blog post will not have as much of a gap between posts next time.

Landscapes Alderley0035

 Landscapes Alderley0052 

Landscapes Alderley0045 

Landscapes Alderley0061

Landscapes Alderley0074

Click the Image to enlarge them, I hope you enjoy the photos, feel free to leave comments. Till next time.



Wales – Part 8

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Well this is now my final post for Wales.

Sorry that this last Wales post has taken so long to be posted. The last few months have been rather busy, what with preparing for my exhibition, and like I said in my previous Wales post, this is one image which has taken me sometime to complete, mainly due to the perfectionist nature I have with my photography.

This image is off Caernarfon Castle, and has been made by stitching a total of nearly 30 images together. It has taken a while to create and finish, so hopefully now you will be able to see why it has taken me so long to post this online, and also why I left this image as my final photograph from Wales for you all.

As always click the image to enlarge, it is truly worth it with this image.

I hope you enjoy the photo, feel free to leave comments. Till next time.



Made In Mancunia #1

22/08/2012 § 2 Comments

Big news to share today with you all.

Well it has been a crazy few weeks for me recently, and it just keeps on getting even more busy. With the news that I will be exhibiting some of my photography work in a exhibition called Made in Mancunia #1 in Manchester, UK from Friday 24th August, the exhibition is showing off the creative talents of photographers, graphic designers and illustrators at 2022NQ a great event and exhibtion space in the Northern Quarter in Manchester.


I hope you can make it down to see my work on show, thanks and till next time.


Let The Sun Shine 2

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Bringing more sun your way now.

Continuing on from my previous post, here are some more Instagram photos of the amazing sunsets that have occured where I live recently. The colours that appear when the sun sets really are amazing.

I hope you enjoy them, feel free to leave a comment, till next time.



Let The Sun Shine 1

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Everybody loves a sunset don’t they?

Sunsets have always been a great source of photography for myself, having done a project charting the variety of a sunset in the same location, over a period of time for a project at university, which is available to order online here.

I have recently got into using Instagram to photograph whilst out and about and around where I live too, and I am loving it. So over these next few posts I will share with you a few pictures of sunnier times for you all, you can catch me on Instagram @stevenrbullock. I hope you enjoy them.

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Let’s Get Hunting Some Scarecrows 3

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The final hunt for the scarecrows now.

A big theme of the Scarecrow Festival this year was the Jubilee, the Olympics and all things English, as can be seen in my other two posts here and here. And the English theme carries on now with the last of the scarecrows from the hunt. As usual click the images to enlarge them.

I hope you have enjoyed all the scarecrows from the hunt, feel free to leave comment, till next time.